Is Saving Money in our Genes?

There may be a biological reason why it’s hard to save money.  Our minds were never wired to plan for future events.  Back in prehistoric times, “success” meant surviving another day, not planning to live to 95 or beyond! Click the picture above for some smart tips to help make you a better, savvier saver.

The Power of Compounding

Compounding can be paramount to a successful investment plan. When you put off investing to a later date, you risk having to invest much more money to counteract the effects of not investing sooner. This chart shows how time in the market can make the difference between hitting your important retirement goals and falling short.  This is a great chart to share with children or grandchildren who are just starting to save and invest.


Amy Purdy’s Living Beyond Limits

For added Olympic spirit and inspiration, here is a video for anyone who has ever tried to do something and thought, “It’s just too difficult.” After meningitis left 19-year-old Amy Purdy a paraplegic, she went on to become the top ranked adaptive snowboarder in the U.S. and 2014 Paralympic bronze medal winner. Learn how a determined Ms. Purdy wouldn’t allow personal tragedy to hold her back from her dreams and bright future. You’ll never say, “I can’t do it” again!