For Financial Professionals

We are currently and actively recruiting advisors to our group, at both the Branch Manager and rep levels. The successful recruiting and affiliation of both branch offices and individual advisors has been a cornerstone of our group.

Our philosophy is one that encourages the true entrepreneurial spirit of the independent financial advisor. By fostering each individual reps’ or branch’s unique approach to the financial services model, our advisors are able to create, operate, and grow their own business. We offer direct support in the areas of business transition, systems training, policy, marketing, procedure, and Compliance, in partnership with our broker-dealer, LPL Financial.  As part of our network, advisors are also directly connected to a diverse group of affiliated financial professionals. These relationships are often leveraged for strategy around subjects from business model planning, product offerings, and succession planning.

We have 9 networked branch offices and over 30 affiliated members, all doing business a different way. While we have several larger branches (production and/or number of advisors), we also house branches and advisors at a production level at or that operate singularly. We are able to accommodate many different styles of office and producer, including those that may be below the typical production requirements of $120,000 for advisors and $250,000 for branches.  We also have a strong history in working with reps that have crossed over from the insurance business and those that are looking to slow down, moving towards being semi-retired or fully retired.  While we have a large presence in Colorado, we have offices in California, Arizona, Wisconsin, Alabama, Montana, and Nebraska and are continuously looking to expand elsewhere.

If it sounds like we may be a good fit for you and your business, please contact me directly at (303) 388-2466 x5 or or connect with me on LinkedIn at  I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about coming onboard!

Michael Pugh,  AIF®

Principal with LPL Financial