Michael Pugh, AIF®

Professional Bio

Why Do You Do What You Do?

I’ve always loved watching advisors make plans for their clients, whether those plans are for helping their children, assisting their parents, or living out their dreams.  This is the same approach I take, when I work with our advisors.  I want to make sure there is a plan in place to support their business.

Which Leadership Skill Was the Most Difficult to Develop?

Listening.  As my career continued to evolve, I took on various positions in the realm of management or sales.  Moving into these roles, my initial instinct was to show how I could make you, platforms, or systems better versus listening to the other person present the situation first.  As I learned to talk less and listen more, this helped to create a more conducive environment for problem-solving, planning, etc.

What Are the Most Important Decisions That You Face Daily as a Leader In Your Organization?

First and foremost is making sure our advisors are getting everything they need to be successful.  Specifically, a focus is working with our offices to make sure that there is a succession plan in place, in case something should happen, so that their business, spouse, and clients are taken care of and protected.

The Pugh’s (Keri, Mike, Ashley, and Jackson)