Investment Management & Partners


With our Discovery Process, we focus on what is important to you, both financially and personally.  Leveraging the resources below, we use a disciplined and structured approach to build a personalized investment portfolio focused on meeting your life goals, aligning with your values.

Working together means ongoing monitoring, guidance, education, and counseling.  We will help manage through markets not to markets, so that emotions don’t derail your plan.  Using tools like Rebalancing to maximize portfolio efficiency, while minimizing portfolio drift.   Drawing on the experience of our team, we will help protect your plan from common behavioral mistakes made when trying to outguess the markets or reacting emotionally to the short-term ups and downs of markets.

As independent and fiduciary advisors, we believe in market-tested and research-backed investing that is rooted in each clients’ needs.  Every portfolio is designed to meet client-specific goals and to create a better wealth experience.  We partner with several companies to provide our clients access to a world of opportunities driven by a commitment to innovation through the use of sophisticated analytical tools and a global portfolio of funds.  Let us show you how this process could work for you!






Combining the latest discoveries in economics and investing with more than 80 years of market data and insights, Loring Ward provides Asset Class investments, using institutional funds.  In partnership with an Investment Committee helmed by leading academics Nobel Laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz and Dr. Meier Statman, we build model portfolios that address cost-efficiency and risk mitigation, while maximizing return.







Dimensional Fund Advisors manage diversified, asset class mutual funds in both equities and fixed income.  Investments decisions are guided by their philosophy of putting financial science to work for investors.










A firm that has an investment management legacy that began in 1931, by offering high-conviction investments and consistent results for the long-term investor.  American Funds is one of the most respected financial institutions, bound by both the diverse perspective of their management teams and common focus and shared values of their associates.






One of the largest independent institutional custodians, we are able to leverage their technology, service, and trading platform at discounted pricing to manage client assets.

The nation’s largest independent broker-dealer, offering financial services and customer service to independent financial advisors.